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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Day 108

Gosh, who would have thought I'd do more than one HUNDRED days of a very strict, 'squeaky clean' low carb Paleo lifestyle???

Tuesday was my 15 week mark, and I hit 375.2!

That's 2.4lbs lost last week!

That's 29.3lbs lost since Oct 2nd!

That's 65lbs lost overall, since April 2013!

In the picture, you can see I'm still having my daily salad, which believe it or not, I now actually CRAVE! I found a fantastic & totally compliant almond butter that is just runny enough to be great for dipping. It's addicting, and I'll have to watch my intake...

In fact, for my last 12 days, I want to limit my potatoes, bananas, and nut intake; to really 'pump up' my weight loss before I hit Day 120.

In the meantime, check out how baggy my 'interview suit' is in the included picture. Hint - it's not actually double-breasted!!!

Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Week 14

26.8 lbs down since October 2nd, 62.4 lbs down since April 2013.

I have learned to eat and LIKE grapefruit! I like to walk 'off path' twice a week.

I continue to eat 'on plan', and my energy & sleep continue to ROCK.

I have yet to work up the intestinal fortitude to return to Cross Fit, but I also am still attending Aqua Fit & doing good walks.

I'm also continuing to read articles & books on this lifestyle, and I even listen to a few podcasts. I continue to learn, and to tweak what I'm doing.

Thursday, December 04, 2014

On the occasion of my Father's birthday

My Dad would have been 68 this year. He's been gone almost 14 years, and it amazes me how much I still think about him, and how much his shadow still looms over my life.

I am now the age he was in this picture. I still have that green canvass coat of his from Orvis, and on my Dad's birthday yesterday, I pulled out this tweed hat.

I'm not 100% sure it's the same one, but either way, it's absolutely in the same spirit. I feel like it makes me look a bit like an old curmudgeon, but my Dad would have only encouraged that, adding a shit-eating grin.

Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Day 90

I can hardly believe it.

The difference is nothing short of astounding. My energy level is fantastic, and steady throughout the whole day. I'm in a GREAT mood, and I sleep better than I have in 15 years. It's truly life changing, just for those factors!!!

...but just like a game show winner...THAT'S NOT ALL, FOLKS...!

The weight loss! Oh my goodness ! I'm 10 inches down on my waist size - down 4 pant sizes!!!

My weight loss has been nothing short of dramatic. In April of 2013 I was 440lbs. I'm not sure exactly what I weighed on September 2nd when I started my Whole 30, but on October 2nd I was finally light enough for my scale to read me at 404.4lbs. Today I am 380.4, down exactly 24 measurable pounds in two months! That's 59.6 lbs down from my high point!!!

More importantly, my Heath is dramatically better. I'm well on my path to becoming more Fit, and I can feel myself becoming Stronger.

I still have a VERY long path in front of me, but for the first time in DECADES I feel like food cravings aren't the bane of my existence, and I feel positive about my success, as if I'm finally in charge of my own destiny.

It's nothing short of astounding, and I'm still wrapping my head around the realization that food no longer rules my life.

I could weep with gratitude ... but I'm too busy jumping for joy!!!

Monday, December 01, 2014


Over the Thanksgiving break I was fortunate enough to get some wrenching time on my '74 Spider.

I was able to wrap up the loose ends associated with the head gasket swap I did earlier this past summer, and although I hit a snag or two, I got everything together & functional.

The car runs MUCH better, though still quite rough. I did not set the timing, clean the carbs, no idle adjustments, no tune up components swapped. It ran better, certainly good enough to get 'er over to the storage unit. So, I left all the final troubleshooting & tuneup stuff for the spring.

I filled both Spider's gas tanks & added Stabil, and then tucked them away under cover.

Can't wait for Spring...

Thursday, November 27, 2014


I have a few old pieces of Land's End luggage my Mom got me back in the 80's.

It's holding up pretty well, but a few items need some attention. A zipper pull here, a missing handle there, maybe a loose seam or two.

I'm hoping Land's End can help me out with some repairs, maybe even add some monograms to the two earlier canvas pieces that missed out, back in '82...

Embracing my weaknesses

They say 'Never start a diet during the Holidays', and I'm pretty sure that's because even our Caveman ancestors took a break from Paleo on Thanksgiving.  I mean, who wouldn't???

Personally, I'm dreaming of my Mom's oyster stuffing. Mmmmmm..... 

However, my newfound path started way back in early September, right after Labor Day weekend, and I never considered the Holidays for even a moment.  It was still Summer!  I never expected success, and certainly not at the level I've had for the last 87 days.  

...and I'm not about to give in, just three days short of my big NINE ZERO!!!  In fact, I'm planning on going 33 more days, to hit Day #120 on my birthday.  THAT will be a day to celebrate, and I'm not about to let Thanksgiving derail my plans.

So - I'm celebrating Thanksgiving the best way I can imagine right now.  I am so astounded & Thankful for my success, I'm going to eat & exercise in the absolute best way I can today!

Each meal will be 100% Whole 30 compliant, and for each meal I will brave the frigid cold to do at least a half mile walk.  I will not skimp on my serving sizes & be hungry on Thanksgiving, I will be eating healthfully, and getting some mileage in.

That's what I'm most Thankful for this Thanksgiving, is my newfound Health & Fitness, and my surprising dedication to it.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Week Eleven

Things continue to go very well!

Day #75 snuck past me over the weekend, I was cruising so well and so smoothly with my success that I didn't even notice it!

Over the weekend there was Mexican Braised Beef done in the crock pot, spaghetti squash with yummy meat sauce, and a double batch of breakfast frittata muffins for my work week.

I've ordered new shoes, pants, and dress shirts so that my clothes fit appropriately. THAT is a nice problem to have! (Who thought that feet would loose weight???)

All in all, I feel great, and I couldn't be happier with how things are going. I'm planning to ignore Thanksgiving & cruise with great success right through Christmas to Day #120, on my birthday!